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Ohio teen stops burglary by pointing mother's gun at home intruder: 'My baby has become my protector

Andrew Mark Miller - Fox News | Published on 3/24/2023
An Ohio single mother is singing her son’s praises after he stopped a home intruder by grabbing her gun and pointing it at the suspect, causing him to flee.

Brayden Jarrett, 16, had just come home from school last week when a car pulled up to his home and a man he didn’t recognize started walking toward the house, which prompted the teenager to retrieve his mother’s 9 mm handgun, WOIO-TV reported.

"I’ll be honest it caught me off guard," Jarrett said. "I didn’t expect it I thought it was my uncle I mean yes it was a little scary. When it happened and I was like I didn’t want to shoot the guy but if he was coming, I had no other choice. I didn’t know what he was gonna do so definitely was definitely scary."