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Tucker Carlson BODYSLAMS Gun-Grabbers in Epic Takedown of Their Radical Agenda

Luke Rohlfing - Pro-Gun News | Published on 8/4/2022
What's actually happening here is that people like Justin Trudeau know that their rule is illegitimate. They know perfectly well how resented they are, and they spend an awful lot of time thinking about civil unrest.

You probably don't. You live in a democracy, so you don't imagine that anyone needs to be disarmed for political reasons, but people like Justin Trudeau can feel the deep resentment aimed at them, and they are fully intent on disarming the population. Now, we reached out to Justin Trudeau's office today about this new law. We want to know if Trudeau will apply these laws to himself. That's always the first and most important test of sincerity. If it's good for me, it ought to be good for you, too, and vice versa.