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Sean Hannity tells Biden that disarming law-abiding gun owners is 'not the answer'

Sean Hannity - Fox News | Published on 7/30/2022
Predictably, he shamelessly now is using the horrific shooting in Uvalde for political gain. Now, no doubt there are serious concerns surrounding this massacre in Texas. The Evolved Day school district police chief has stopped cooperating with the Texas Department of Public Safety investigation. That can't happen. That is incredibly troubling and should be to everybody. Make no mistake, there's absolutely zero excuse for the hour plus that it reportedly now took law enforcement to storm that building and rescue those kids. That is their job. There's no reason this country cannot secure every single school with well-trained and prepared armed guards, including retired cops, retired military personnel, along with metal detectors and a single point of entry into every school. Now, Joe Biden is not addressing any of this. Instead, he's what, predictably vilifying the Second Amendment and responsible lawful gun owners everywhere, even threatening to ban nine millimeter handguns. Really, Joe