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CSSA Endorsement: CD 03

CSSA | Published on 6/20/2022
CSSA Endorsement: CD 03
From her time as a small town business owner to her ascension to Congress, Lauren Boebert has long been a fierce advocate of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. She not only has the courage to defend our rights, but the tenacity to advance them, and the conviction to do so in the face of considerable opposition.
Amidst sky-high crime, bare shelves, and soaring inflation, anti-gunners like those in the White House have made it clear that they have nothing but contempt for the Second Amendment. To keep them from getting their way, we need leaders who are unwilling to apologize for our rights, refuse to empower the enemies of those rights, and can take some heat without bending. There are few such leaders, but Lauren Boebert is one of them.
Congresswoman Boebert doesn't need anyone's approval, but she has ours. The Colorado State Shooting Association is proud to endorse Rep. Lauren Boebert for Colorado Congressional District 03.