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Watters: The left is trying 'capitalize' on the Buffalo, NY shooting to divide the country

Fox News Staff - Fox News | Published on 6/8/2022
JESSE WATTERS: Not Waukesha or Brooklyn. What do you think the difference is? Well, we know what the difference is. Both of those shooters were black supremacists with black nationalist ideologies, both equally as repugnant as the Buffalo shooter. So why is the left capitalizing on this attack and ignoring the others? Well, we have an idea. Rolling Stone lays the playbook out perfectly. Quote, "The Buffalo shooter isn't a lone wolf. He's a mainstream Republican." And there you go. The goal is to conflate white supremacists with the Republican Party. This is done to shame Republican voters and galvanize Democrat voters, especially African-Americans. It's about as dirty as a political move as there is in American politics.