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Denver City Council Committee Delayed Vote on Concealed Weapon Prohibition in City-Owned Buildings

Jose Nino - Pro-Gun News | Published on 5/10/2022
Will Denver become a safe space for civilian disarmament?

On April 13, 2022, the Denver City Council’s Safety, Housing, Education and Homelessness Committee delayed its vote on a bill that would limit concealed carry in buildings owned, leased by or leased to the city, in addition to Denver parks. Now the vote is set for April 27.

This proposed change forms part of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's 2022 Public Safety Action Plan. Assistant City Attorney Reggie Nubine stated this legislative proposal is part of a broader national push to reduce gun violence. The Colorado state government's recent decision to pass SB21-256, which grants local governments the power to ban firearms in certain places of a municipality's jurisdiction.