The FAA is making it a point to remind shooters/hunters/gun owners about requirements for transporting ammunition and components via commercial airlines.

FAA regs allow small arms ammunition for personal use to be carried by a passenger in checked baggage, if securely packaged in boxes or other packages specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.  Magazines/clips must also be securely boxed.  While there are no federal limits, know that most airlines limit the amount of ammo carried onboard to eleven pounds per passenger, including international flights.

Ammunition components of a chemical nature—especially primers and powder (including black powder)—are governed by hazardous material regulations and advanced shipping by common freight carrier rather than commercial air transport is advised.  Common freight carriers are familiar with hazmat requirements and are experts in transporting such materials.  Many international carriers forbid these materials altogether.  FAA advisories conclude with the following advice regarding chemical components: “Avoid a flight and buy on site.”

More information on this subject may be found on the FAA’s website at or for international flight info you can go to  Local inquiries may also be made directly to Alan Edwards at (303) 434-4101 or email

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