Despite requests of law-abiding Colorado gun owners and taxpayers for a fair hearing and consideration, HB12-1048 (referenced below), like two other common-sense firearms-related bills this session, was killed by the Colorado Senate “Kill Committee” AKA State, Veteran and Military Affairs this week.  The “Kill Committee” gets its name because it is small (only five members rather than the usual seven) and dominated by far-left state senators from “safe” districts where they will not be penalized at the ballot box for their radical records.  Senate President and Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer, a staunch anti-gun Democrat from Boulder, has deliberately sought a quick end to pro-firearms legislation this session by sending each and every bill to the “Kill Committee” in order to protect notoriously anti-gun Gov. John Hickenlooper from having to emerge from his “moderate” shadow image and reveal his true position on firearms by vetoing these basic, common-sense proposals.

This legislative session has served as an excellent illustration of the basic truth that the two political parties are NOT created equal when it comes to the issue of firearms rights.  It is true that there are some Democrats in the General Assembly who are not hostile to private firearms ownership, but NONE of them hold positions of leadership—positions that decide what committees will review what bills and when and how floor votes will be conducted.  Pro-firearms Dems are shut out of leadership positions by their party because their view on gun rights is strongly opposed by the majority of Democrats.  The only way that Colorado gun owners can hope to prevent anti-gun Democrats like Brandon Shaffer from continuing to play politics with our valuable tax dollars and the invaluable safety of our homes, businesses and families is to ensure that the entire leadership of our legislature is solidly pro-gun and pro-self-defense.  And that can only be accomplished by preventing Democrat majorities in either house of the General Assembly.  So the next time one of your friends laments that there is no difference between the two political parties, explain to them why that’s just plain wrong.  Tell them about this legislative session, and how the Democrats continued to waste $2 million annually on unnecessary and redundant CBI background checks (HB12-1048)…how the Democrats want you and your family to be defenseless in times of State Emergencies (HB12-1064)-…and how the Democrats continue to leave businesses helpless at the hands of criminal intruders (HB12-1088).

webmasteronThursday 26 April 2012 - 12:16:41